“We all need to figure out what's right for us because nothing about life is one size fits all… And such discovery starts with you paying attention - to yourself.” - David Agus

Services offered on an hourly basis:

  • Creating the college list

  • Common application timeline and guidance

  • Campus visit guidance and interview preparation

  • Essay coaching

  • Gap Year consulting

  • Transitional support and educational options for the non-linear college-bound student

  • LD (learning differences) college placement guidance

  • Local private school guidance for traditional and non-traditional students

Packages Offered:

Total College Application Process Package

Preparing to Apply

  • Consultation Consult with the student to determine their needs and administer personality and learning assessments to get them started on the path towards success

  • Record Review Analyze academic records, relevant testing, and extracurricular accomplishments to provide an accurate, honest, and realistic assessment of the student’s options

  • Development of Action Plan Develop plans for coursework, testing, schedules, extracurriculars, and summer programs

  • Resume Preparation Help students prepare and hone resume

  • Create College List Provide a researched list of target schools, including requirements, deadlines, fees, and locations, as well as any other pertinent information

  • Identify Schools Identify schools in three categories – “safety” “likely” and “reach” schools to maximize the student’s options and opportunities

  • Identify Teachers  Identify teachers for recommendations

  • Tailored Timeline  Provide a customized timeline for student’s application process and regular check-ins to ensure that tasks are completed on schedule

The Application

  • Application Completion Work closely with the student to complete all sections of the Common Application

  • Identify Tutors Identify and refer for specific admissions examinations (SAT/ACT) as well as general academic support if necessary

  • Essay Development Brainstorm and provide feedback on essays and personal statements

  • Mock Interviews Conduct mock interviews with students to coach them for sessions with admissions officers or alumni interviews

 Post Acceptance

  • Follow Up Visits Prepare students for any follow-up visits to institutions where they have been accepted

  • Acceptance of Offer Work with the student and family


Love Your List Package

Ideal for Juniors and early-bird Sophomores, The Love Your List package is perfect for the student and family who have a good grasp of the college application process but would like additional guidance in developing the list. Included:


  • A full review of high school transcripts, writing samples, test scores, resume, financial considerations and other applicable documentation

  • Personality and career assessments as needed for career exploration

  • Targeted college options to pursue merit scholarships if applicable

  • A balanced mix of Reach, Target, and Probable college application options